7/25/18 - Closed For Business

Today was sort of a special day? The care team did another CT scan to check my head out and it seems to be unchanged. That is a good thing, I guess? They also went ahead and sewed my chest up. The special part of it is that Mom and I are saying I am officially (maybe un-officially...Lord knows with my health record) "Closed for Business"...we mean, we hope that there are no more reasons to open my chest back up. Hoping and praying that today is the last day for that for many, many years. 

Mom and I sat and held hands for a long time today. It made me think of the good days I've had and made today a little better. I'm fighting guys. I am fighting harder than ever before to get thru this all. I even opened my eyes big to look around today while I was wiggling and tapping my fingers on my pony. I'm on some very hardcore medicines right now, so I wasn't really sure what I was looking around at in particular, but I opened my eyes and that was an accomplishment. My eyes are glazed over, a little lazy and funny looking because of the medicines. This same thing happened to me when I had my Berlin surgery. Hopefully tomorrow, I can start to rid my system of the hard stuff and begin thinking strait again. All with time!

They did end up taking the leads off of my head this evening. My head is beat up like the last time and I'll have new scars from the darn hard plaster-y stuff that they use to secure the electrodes. My girlfriend washed my hair really good for me and baby-oiled my head up so it can soak and soften the crusty stuff still left over. Nothing like having superglue in your hair. Yuck! Anyhow, tomorrow I think I am getting an NJ tube back. I have an NG right now, but my tummy can't handle the feeds just yet so they will probably by-pass it and go right to my gut. It's doesn't make much difference to me, as long as I am getting food again. I'm sure there will be other things on the agenda tomorrow, like weaning medicines, etc...too. I am definatly excited to try to heal up and get strong again. Apparently, according to the doctors and my numbers, my new heart likes it's job. So much so that it has come back super strong and they have to give me medicine to "tame" it until it understands that it doesn't have to show off. Silly heart. 

I cautiously say, things are looking better for me. I'm so thankful for my life. I can't wait to start doing normal baby things soon. My teeth are "knocking at the door" Mom and Dad say. So, i'll have that coming up. As well as, learning to lay on my tummy and how to turn myself, how to make sounds (once they fix my vocal cord) and even get to taste some stuff. Just no smashed peas please. Well, I need to rest. Too many surgery days in a row and I am wiped out! Thank you for the encouraging messages. Good Night. -Heath

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