7/26/18 - A Warrior's Smile


Today was a pleasant day. I was much more comfortable today and did my normal [what Mom and Dad say are] Heath things. I got my NJ tube, started feeds again and had another Bronchoscopy preformed that showed my lungs have improved. This means that they can begin deciding a plan to wean the ventilator again. Most of all though, today was a day to smile. A smile, is a smile, is a smile. No dream, no medicine, no situation can take away the pure joyous meaning of a big gummy smile! I felt it coming on, as I lay in my bed and wiggled my toes. First, my fingers tapped. Next, my eyebrows bounced up and down. Then, without control, a smile came roaring out of me like no other. This wasn't just any smile. A warrior's smile. A superhero's smile. My smile. This smile was the first smile I smiled with my new heart; with my gifted heart. A special smile full of strong meaning. This smile was built from 154 days in the hospital, fighting to be able to smile at all. This smile was built on the fact that my fight is getting less arduous by the day. This smile was from dreams of healing, starting my life and being home. There is a beautiful plan for me just off in the distance and I can finally see it. This smile...this "simple" grinning, gummy, happy smile. All good things must come to an end though...smiles are exhausting. Ha, ha! ZZzzzzz... -Heath

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