7/27/18 - Re-re-extubated

Today was a wonderful day! I had my early morning snooze session, followed by a day of small but relieving procedures. First thing, I had my drain tubes removed from my chest! Such a huge relief to me. I can move more comfortably now and the icky, bloody, yucky things aren't hanging around anymore. It's nice to have a cleaner looking environment without them. The grey patches on my chest are absorbent foam silver dressing (Mepilex Ag). It's antimicrobial and helps with moisture handling around the areas that are healing so they heal better and faster. The scratches on my head are from the EEG leads. They shouldn't leave any scars and are healing quickly, so we are concerned about them. I don't think I look too bad?

I also had my drip line removed from my right arm, so now I can have my hand up to my face again and am so happy about it! The IV line would kink off and I couldn't keep my elbow bent because of it, so the nurses would always have to weigh my arm down strait for the flow to be okay. Very happy to be rid of that one! They did need that one though, so now it's in my foot. Not such a bad spot, but I still don't like it much. And now, the big news of the day...I got re-re-extubated today!! No more pestery breathing tube in my throat! I have a C-PAP mask on for now and will wean down to just the nasal cannula, like before, here soon. I am very excited to feel so much more free and comfortable. Maybe I can sleep better now too? My girlfriend said, when talking to mom tonight, that I slept very good all afternoon. Hopefully tonight will go just as well. 


Also, I had my first post transplant visitors today! My Aunty C and cousin B came; they tickled my toes and held my hand for a while with Mom this morning. It was exactly what I needed to get thru the day and end the week on a bright note...family. I opened my eyes and bounced my eyebrows at them. Peeking and being sly. I really wanted to snooze, but wanted to let them know I was happy they were there. B held my hand and I gave her a good squeeze to show her how strong I am. She thought that I was funny when I showed her how I pet my pony with my toes. I can already see that my Aunty C is wrapped around my finger. Not a problem there! I know who to go to when I need to get away with something i did someday, and when my Mom and Dad say no...he, he, he. I loved the company. Mom brought my Boppy pillow back to my hospital room and I saw it and got very excited. I can't wait to sit up again soon! My favorite thing to do is to sit up in my Boppy like a little man in a recliner chair. That will be a great day! Hopefully soon. They also brought one of my music players from my baby shower in and put it in my crib for me. It plays new songs and has fishes that swim around in water and lights that flash. I think that will be a fun toy for boring days. Hmm..I think that's about it for today. Please keep praying for me, my family and my donor's family. Also, my girlfriend (the one from down the hall), she needs prayers right now. A lot of them. My grandmas pink angel is be her bed helping watch over her, too. Good Night. Hugs! -Heath

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