7/29/18 - The Golf Outing

Okay, I am having a good day. Little bit growly, lot a bit tired...so I napped all afternoon. No big news...that is good! And about the benefit...Well, I have to say WOW! You are all absolutely the best friends and family a little boy like me could ever ask for! Thank you from the bottom of my new little heart for coming out to support me yesterday at the golf outing. Mom and Dad told me all about it today and it sounds like it was fantastic. I wish I could have been there, but I was there in spirit. Mom put a board up with my pictures for everyone to look at. Most of you that came, follow my blog here and know what I look like, but when you're this handsome it's to be expected that people will want a second look. 


The outing went good. It was a little unorganized in the beginning, i guess, but everyone was very kind and patient with us as we got everyone registered to golf. We had several four person teams head out to the 18 hole "The Oaks" course at Christmas Mountain Ski & Golf Resort. It's where most of Mom's family worked when they were young and is right down the road from where my home is. The golfers started around 11am and everyone was gone by 8pm. Mom got there late, from coming to see me first, and she went around on the golf course with my three cousins (all girls...oh boy!) on a golf cart to take lots of pictures. They tried to stop and visit with everyone and tell them thank you. My family was there from Mom and Dad's side, they all golfed and helped out all day. Mom and Dad said it was great to meet people that follow my story, but are new to our lives. The people there supporting me were wonderful company. They are all excited to meet me when I come home. We will throw a big celebration party and invite everyone. Promise! Anyhow, then everyone got to have lunch on the turn, food afterwards, Dad did some raffles and a big silent auction after the golfing was done. There were a lot of laughs. Someone was almost in tears I guess because the raffle he won was something very special to him. That made me happy to hear someone was that happy out supporting me. Mom and Dad got lots of hugs and prayers to give to me. I hear it was a fun filled, enjoyable, sunny day; the weather was perfect. About 75F and not humid. The sun was shining bright. It would have been hard to ask for a better day. We are so thankful for that. The turnout was great and lots of people I had no idea cared so much about me, were there supporting me and helping out. My family and I are so grateful and humbled. There are a bunch of pictures and we have a few shirts left over that will be up on my shirt page on here probably tomorrow. Hugs and Love! -Heath

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