7/30/18 - The Thump


Today, Mom and I just sat together. Often, since getting my transplant, she sits next to my crib and rests her hand on my chest. She's feeling my beating heart...my donor's beating heart. We both close our eyes together and just feel it. The "thump", "thump", "thump", "thump" of it. The greatest feeling, greatest sound in the world is the rhythmic "thump" it makes. Today we were thankful. I lay peacefully sleeping in my hospital crib. The beeps and alarms of my room silenced and we only heard the "thump". My life and my donor's life...anew, whole, one. 

To MY donor family, where ever you may be in our country...thank you will never be enough. I get to lay here peacefully today because of your selfless, courageous and generous decisions. The heart, your child's heart, my heart...this heart. It is beating, again, now in my chest. The gift that your child so graciously, bravely gave to me has given me my second chance at life. Your child's heart is beating again to give me my life. What an absolutely incredible thing your family has done. Donated. I know you're hurting right now, still, after a week. We are thinking of you and pray for you every night. We pray for your peace in what my family can only imagine was a decision no parent wants to make. You will get thru this time in your lives with grace. There is never a time during the day that you aren't being thought of by my family...now and forever, we will send our thanks and love to watch over you. I don't know if I will ever know or meet you, but I hope you can feel this letter to you. I hope you can feel that the little boy that your child saved is thankful beyond what is possible to describe. Your child gave me life. There is no bigger gift. I promise to be a good boy. To make you proud and do good things in this world. I will make a difference in the lives of others I meet and do what I can to pay-it-forward someday when I am big enough, too. I won't let the life you gave me go to waste. Each opportunity I get in life, every moment, every single memory I make...will be because of you. My donor. My donor family. Thank you. -Heath

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