7/5/18 - 19 Weeks Old


Mom and I held hands, as usual, as I watched my mobile. Yes, I opened my eyes! I was able to be awake and pretty comfortable today for my nineteen week birthday. It was such a relief, after how much trouble I had the other day. I am happy to be feeling better. My numbers were good today. I was having something called PVC’s (premature ventricular contractions) frequently today. That seemed to be as a result of being a bit “dry” from my diaretics. PVC’s aren’t necessarily bad, but they can warn the care team of other things happening in my heart. So, just to be proactive, the care team gave me some Albumin. Albumin is the main protein in blood plasma; it plays a role in many functions, including maintaining pressure in the blood vessels and transporting substances, such as hormones and medications. Albumin binds to many of these substances, including hormones and some drugs, to help them travel through my body. So when my albumin levels are low, the blood may not be able to transport essential materials effectively. It helped. I’ve gotten it before. My doctor also came in and worked with a Tech (whom was doing an Echocardiogram on my heart) to adjust the setting on my Berlin Heart LVAD machine. They adjusted it to allow more blood to remain in my left ventricle, than the previous settings allowed. It should help with the PVC’s, too. Well, that’s the theory.  


Mom was a little worried that the ultrasound wand would hurt me, but it felt okay. My body isn’t as swollen today, as it was yesterday. I only have a little bit of Edema in my legs. Mom massaged my arms and legs for me to try to help. I liked it. It felt nice. She read me your messages, then talked with my girlfriend a while. She said the care team decided to leave my chest drain tubes in another day. Maybe we would remove them tomorrow? My favorite doctor also stopped to see me. He said he was very proud of me and that I was doing a great job. He thinks we may be able to extubate the ventilator as early as tomorrow, if all is well. He also said he hopes to see me off of the heart helping medicines (Epinephrine and Milrinone) in a few days. My family can’t believe how fast things are happening! Hoping and praying this all works well! Like we said before, this surgery could have some amazing results for me if we can keep clots and stroke at bay long enough for my heart transplant gift to arrive. One day at a time. 


Do you think I look better today? I’m trying hard to rest and heal up. I started getting milk again today, too! I’m so excited for a little milk in my tummy! Hoping to increase how much I get tomorrow. It will be nice to get to start weaning down on the sedation medicines tomorrow, too. I am very, very heavily medicated right now. The team was surprised to even see me awake, honestly. I’ve had strong medicines my entire life and am very tolerant. It will all work out. I’m sure I’ll have a long road ahead of my, post heart transplant, to get thru my addictions. Especially to Morphine. I hope I don’t have much trouble. Anyhoo...I better get to bed and rest. I have lots of healing to do. Thank you for the continued prayers. Good Night. - Heath 

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