7/8/18 - Secrets With Dad

I had a wonderful day today. Mom held me and we cuddled a couple hours. It makes her feel so happy and I enjoy the lovey time, too. I was very content and cozy. I don’t get to really snuggle right up to her, because with my cords, the Berlin Heart LVAD and all the things...it just doesn’t work. I sit on her lap though. Usually, I sit with my Boppy under me; she touches my head and toes and talks to me. If Dad is visiting, he pulls a chair up next to us and visits, too. It’s not how I’d normally be held, if I was a normal baby, but I think we make this work for us pretty well. This is our “cuddles”: 

After my snuggles, when I was back to bed, Dad and I visited. We had an in-depth discussion about my girlfriends. We keep some things just between us and don’t tell Mom, so we don’t get in trouble with her. Dad and I...we have a code. I think we will have a lot of good talks as I grow up. I’m excited to do things with Dad. He likes to hunt and fish, make stuff with his hands and help with the farm. I’ll be like him someday, I’m sure. 

After a good long visit and lots of smile and laughs, I was able to just relax. I felt pretty good today. I had a big belly full though and needed to you-know-what...I did eventually and it was gross, ha ha! But, hey! I felt great after. I didn’t have too much change medically speaking today. The care team went down on my medicines some more. I’m also getting more milk. I know tomorrow they will be doing another Echocardiogram and also deciding on a plan for my damaged vocal cord. They’d like to try to fix that this week. I’ll be sure to update you. 

Another short blog tonight, but that’s okay. There will be lots to write about tomorrow. Thank you for the prayers. Good night. Talk tomorrow. -Heath

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