8/1/18 - Practice Makes Perfect

Therapy helped me lay onto my front side again today. They call this prone. Laying prone. I kinda' do it? I was very comfortable, again, like this today. I had my knees hiked up under me and my arms tucked, too. I sucked on my fingers and snoozed a long time. Then, today, I was awake! So, awake! Since sleeping well last night, I had a lot of energy to burn today. I decided to spend it on practicing my skills. I have lots of things to learn, you see? All of the baby stuff I missed out on; being so sick. So, today I practiced kicking my feet and pushing. Mom would put her hand under my foot and I would push with all my might to push her hand back. I did really good. I pushed too hard a couple times and it made me fart. We laughed. It was great. It's all fun and games until I poop my pants though...he, he, he. Then, i practiced batting my mobile some. I have very good aim now. Sometimes I reach out and just tap the critters lightly so they spin. Other times, I swing fast and hard and make the whole mobile rock. I am very strong. Later, I sat with my Mommy. We, well she, had plans to snuggle, but I had my own plans. It was time to practice holding my head up. I noodled my way down, out of her cuddling position and she had to help me sit up. I sat up and we talked for a while and then I was back to business practicing. I can still hold my head up pretty good! It made me happy to know I still have the strength after everything. I can hold it strait, tip it side to side, turn it very good side to side and make it go up n' down. Sometimes, while I'm putting my head down and my chin to my chest, Mom is usually holding me and making sure I don't jerk my neck and when she isn't looking I'll lick her hand or suck on her knuckle. She thinks it is so funny! We laugh so hard. She also helped me lean my torso back and forth, side to side and stretch my shoulders out. I sat up in the chair with her for a good hour. Then, I went back to my crib and my Boppy pillow because we had company come!


I had the best surprise today! My favorite horsey at home, his name is Bo, has lots of friends at a horsey hospital not to far from my human hospital here. One of those friends, my newest girlfriend, came to see me today and she brought lots of presents and treats, too. The treats were for my girlfriends and bro-dudes here. She said that everyone at Bo's hospital made treats to share. I thought that was the nicest thing I have ever heard. Treats are supposed to be a reward for doing good things. Dad says Bo gets horsey treats when he is good, too. So that must mean my friends think the care team is doing a good job taking care of me if they are bringing them treats? Hmm...anyhow, I love my new girlfriend. She has a daughter who wrote me a nice letter and wanted me to have some pretty kool little finger puppets she thought I'd like. They are very special to me and I will keep them forever. She also delivered a donation from the softball team that played for me; the one with the pink shirts that I posted a picture of a little while back. That was so very kind and sweet of them to do that for me. She also gave me a card and some really nice artwork from my other new friends. Let me just say that I loved the art! I loved the swirly colors from the finger paintings the best. Thank you for those! If I hadn't moved rooms, my special wall could still be up and I would have added them to it. Mom will put them in my art book at home for me to look thru though. It was a wonderful visit. I'm so happy to know and feel how much everyone cares about me. I can't wait to see everyone outside of my hospital room someday very soon! Such a wonderful day though. 

Well, other than all of that, I didn't have much else for updates today. The IV came out of my foot finally and I can wear socks and clothes again! Yay! I got to switch to the high flow O2 cannulas in my nose instead of the CPAP settings one. I also went to have a GI test done today and so far it looks like my gut is pretty healthy. So, hopfully the care team will get this vocal cord snazzed up and I can start getting feeds into my tummy and eventually learn to eat on my own! Happy day! Hugs and love! Thank you all for supporting and praying for me. -Heath

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