8/10/18 - Ticklish


I had another bath today and my hair washed. I like to feel clean. It makes me smiley. Then I snoozed. The care team went down on my Fetnyl again today to .3! I am slowly getting off the medicines and its a wonderful thing! I am starting to feel and act like a baby my age should. It makes me, my care team, my friends and family all so very happy and thankful. I hope things continure to progress well. I still have the clot in my heart as of the last Echocardiogram. I think they have another one scheduled soon. Praying that it has broken down more. For now, just more rest and healing.


My grandma and grandpa Raedel came today and spent a long time visiting with me. I loved it. I sat up big and tall for them for most of the visit. I can sit so good. I can hold myself pretty steady. I like sitting because then I can see people better. Grandpa tickled my feet. That stinker! I curled my toes and tried not to jump, but I'm so ticklish! So, I pulled my foot away and tucked it up so he couldn't get it. Then, I gave him a look. He laughed. Then, I stretched out again. He put my socks on and left my toes alone. Stinker. Grandma helped me hold and shake my rattle. It made me smile. The noise was pretty neat and it made her smile, too. 

I hope for a nice weekend. I have some new books, toys that go on my feet and cute cowboy boots to put on...super exciting business! Good Night. Please continue to pray for me. For recovery. For my family, my donor family. Thank you so much. -Heath

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