8/12/18 - A Little Country


I wore them proud today, my first set of cowboy boots! My friend Sally's Mommy made them special for me and I love them. My Grandpa is a cowboy and always wears his cowboy hat. Mommy rides horses and is a cowgirl. I think I would like to wear cowboy boots when I am bigger and helping out on our land. They suit me. Dad says work boots are better, that's because he's a hunter more than a cowboy, but I will have to see what's most comfortable for me when I am big. For now, though, I love these! They make me feel so kool! I look even more like my namesake, Heath Barkley (look him up if you don't know who this is)! He was a cowboy. Maybe I'll even ride a horse someday? I have a bunch of them at home. Hmm...I'll have to try that someday. Mom says girls like horses...I like my girlfriends...yup... Anyhoo, look how kool I looked after my bath! I tucked my feet up so I could look at the stars on the sides. I've gotten a few pairs of booties that I love, made for me by friends and the church, but my feet are big and they don't fit. These are a little big still. Hope they fit for a while! Love them. 


I also wore a regular onesie for the second time ever! I felt pretty hunky. I smiled at my girlfriends in the hall and they came and looked at me and told me how handsome I was. I'm such a flirt. Mom was there too, though, and she smooched my forehead quick to let them know I was very taken. He, he, he. Mom is annoying. I kicked my boots of and snuggled in the recliner chair with her for a long while today, after my bath. We needed it. It's been almost a week. I've just been so busy when it's time to visit that by the time my doctors, girlfriends and bro-dudes have left...I am spent and just fall asleep. She would feel bad waking me up, so just sits next to my crib and holds my hand. Like we have done for 171 days now...Mom and Me hold hands. It's our thing. Thru the really, really bad days, the better days and for every day...we hold hands. Although, the first person I ever held hands with was Dad. Right when I came into this world and right before I died the first time. So scary, but he knew I was tough and look at me now! I'm a Sheriff! LOL

I'm really starting to think more about home. When I nap, I smile so big in my sleep, and think about home. My hospital family and Mom were talking about me smiling in my sleep today. I was kind of awake and listened while they pondered what I dream about. They thought maybe I dream about being in Mommy's tummy, colorful dancing Giraffes in the books we read together or maybe about things I imagine about home and family? I don't know really what I dream about? I can't remember when I wake up. I probably dream about family voices I have learned the sounds of and about the things we will do and say together. Or maybe I dream about the dancing Giraffe in my book? Hard to say...I do know that I want to go home more than ever! I can't wait to get as much unselfish attention and snuggles as I want. to be able to spend unlimited time with my Mom and Dad and our family and critters. It will be so nice! I just have to continue to heal and get stronger! My Cath Lab is Tuesday to check on my new heart and see how it's doing internally and rejection-wise. Praying that all is okay and goes well. Please pray the clot in my heart has dissipated, too. And that the care team fixes my paralyzed vocal cord Tuesday and that it goes well. Pray for me, my family and my donor family. Thank you guys so much! -Heath

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