8/13/18 - Lots Of New

Okay, okay, okay...I’ll admit it! I, Heath Cornford, am a finger eater. A goobery, lint covered, hardcore finger chomping fool. I didn’t realize how bad my addiction had gotten until today. I mean, I know I have a slight problem, but I found myself double fisting the chomp today and an intervention was needed. My physical therapist couldn’t get me thru the session without my hands traveling to my mouth. Mom couldn’t give me a bath without my fist in my gums getting chomped on. My fingers are always in my mouth. I just can help it. The curiousity of teeth coming in, the wet tongue in the little mouth of mine and feeling it all with my fingers...it’s...it’s amazing! I can’t quit. I’ve been feeling around for my first teeth for a while now and today, I may have found them? My bottom front two teeth are beginning to pop up enough I can feel them. I keep licking and drooling, feeling around and then bam!, there they are. I mean, teeth are weird and all, but I am excited to have them, I can flash my pearly white baby teeth at my girlfriends soon. I wonder how my big smiles will look with scattered teeth, while they fill in? 

Today was a big day of new things for me. I can sit up and hold my head up by myself! I’m not super steady yet, but I can do it. Mom only took her hand away for about ten seconds to show you guys, but she kept her hand off my head (only keeping it there in case I needed help). I did so good. Help from the Boppy pillow to sit, but I did a lot on my own too. I’m getting good at balancing to stay up and getting stronger to hold my head up better, too. Hopefully I will be able to sit up in my Bumbo chair without someone ready to catch my head. Soon! I ended up getting tired and stretched out in my grandpa socks for a while and stared at my mobile. My physical therapist helped me do a lot of new things today, too. During my session with her this afternoon, I  almost rolled myself! She had me lay on my back and then helped me to my side, from there I hiked my knee up and rolled my body over quite a bit. It was very exciting. I also, laid on my tummy flat and strait out on my bed for the first time. It actually felt great! Then, she showed Mom some new ways to safely hold me and help me get stronger too. First I got held kind of up against Moms chest. I loved that position so much and dozed off. Then, my therapist showed Mom how she wanted her to hold me in a way that kind of is like tummy time for me. Face down. It was also super comfortable. We are excited to try those out more this week. Therapy was really, really good today. I get to try out my first play mat tomorrow in therapy. I’m excited!! 

Tomorrow is the big day for the week. My first Cath Lab (a thorough heart and body checkup looking for signs of rejection). It is a big deal. Praying for the best! I’ll keep you posted. Please pray real hard for me tonight. Going to get rested up! Good Night. -Heath

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