8/14/18 - My First Heart Catheterization Lab

Today was the biggest day since my heart transplant. First, it started out light hearted and fun. Mom was here extra early to spend time with me before my procedure. We played hard today! I got a play mat gym with forest creatures on it and got to use it today! My mommy kept all my baby shower gifts to use when I started to get better and we can finally use some of them. She was so sad seeing my room sit and have no life in it, everything untouched. So, getting to start to play with things and wear more clothes and stuff is such a wonderful, happy thing. I laid on my back and stared at my reflection in the mirror while I kicked the toys to make them swing. Then, I took a cat nap. When I woke up, I played some more. I punched out and swung the toys around. I hiked my knees up to my belly button and kicked my feet out to hit more toys so the sounds they made started to play. It made me smile so big! I was so happy that I could do it! Mom, my girlfriend and therapist all cheered me on. It was so awesome! Yay!

After we played, Mom picked me up out of bed and held me like the threapist taught her yesterday. We both loved it so very much! It's so nice to be close. Mom is warm and I snuggle right up to her. I like to have my hand in my mouth and chew while she gently bounces me up and down, side to side. I like her necklace and would probably like to eat it if she'd let me. It's shiny and catches my eye when we move. She says necklaces aren't for little babies though, so I don't touch it. After we stood and snuggled, Mom laid me down for some tummy time! I am really getting into this whole tummy ordeal. It is so nice to be off of my back. I don't face plant any more and have learned to turn my head to the side how I feel is comfortable. Sometimes I hike my knees up under me. I can't push myself up with my arms yet though. Once I learn how to move my top half and get stronger, I will be able to roll myself! I am almost there already. I know how to get from my back to my side and my side to my almost belly. I get caught up when I can't tuck my arm under enough to completely roll. I am working on it though! 

I went in for my Cath. Lab today and was under anesthetisia for a couple hours while they did the procedure. They made a small hole just by my left hip. Then, the inserted a catheter into my artery to my heart. In my heart, with the small catheter the care team was able to check pressures, flow and function of my new heart. We were told after, that my new hearts numbers from the Cath. Lab came back good. Actually, better than they hoped! It was fantastic news! The "hardening" of the heart that we were concerned about post transplant doesn't seem to be an issue anymore either. They also took a small biopsy while checking out my heart. This biopsy is at the lab being studied for signs of rejection. We should know more about the results of that, hopefully tomorrow. Then, the last thing that they did in the Cath. Lab was take some blood. We agreed to let a few doctors from the care team have a little bit of my blood to use for a study that they are putting together. It is to try to come up with a way to look for signs of rejection using a simple blood draw instead of having to put patients thru many Cath. Labs. We hope that my contribution to the study will make a difference some day when they hopefully do come up with a new, better and safer way to check for rejection. So, all that and I got to go back to my room. My bro-dude from Anesthesia said that it was important I lay very still after my procedure to allow my body to stop any little bleeds. So, I had a PRN dose of Morphine. I haven't had one is a very long time, so it knocked me right to nap time. It was necessary I guess.


I slept well all evening and ended the day with sweet dreams. We are getting closer and closer to home. They chose not to do my vocal cord repair again today. I guess there were timing issues? Mom pushed the issue a little bit and ENT staff scheduled my new repair/injection date for Thursday this week. Hope it all goes well! Kind of bummed I'll have to have more sedation though instead of doing it all at once, but sometimes that is just the way it goes in the hospital. Plese continue to pray that my heart clot stays stable and doesn't move. Pray that is just dissipates and doesn't cause any trouble so I can stay on track to go home! Thank you. Good Night. -Heath

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