8/15/18 - Play Hard, Nap Harder


So...here's the thing. I have been trying for two days to get something. There is this Beaver that hangs down from play mat Mom brought in. Mr. Beaver has been taunting me with that beautiful, crackly sounding, soft, dangly, flat tail of his. It needed to be in my mouth! I wanted to chomp on it and I tried, believe me...I tried! I kicked, squirmed and punched, grabbed until I ran out of energy yesterday. The sly Mr.Beaver bounced around and avoided my moves. Today was my day of victory, though! I gave him a left grab and a right punch, a quick bed shaking kick and then, with luck on my side, I snatched his tail up! Into my mouth with all it's glory. The carckly sound and soft fabric were perfect to help sooth my aching gums. I drooled and chomped all over him. My reward! He, he, he! Mom eventually took him away and washed him, though...I went a little too overboard. It was worth it!

After a very long play session and epic battle with Mr.Beaver, I had myself a nice bath. I am not the biggest fan of baths, because i don't like getting chilly. I do, however, enjoy very much to be clean! I get wild after my baths! Smiles and kicks and big, big stretches! Today was no different! I felt so good. So very good. "Wild man Heath, is a happy Heath", that's what my Mom says to my girlfriends. They all agree. What do you think of my scars? No more stitches and they all are healing great! Anyhow, I don't know what it is, but I feel good nowadays and get bursts of crazy energy that make me want to yell and smile. I can't make sounds yet, so I exaggerate my expressions and make movements with my body to say what I want to say. It works. Hey, speaking of sounds! Tomorrow is the new day for my vocal cord repair. Mom talked to the ENT staff again today and supposedly they are planning to do my injection tomorrow morning about 7:30am. Wish me well! Gosh, I can't wait to have a voice! I've never made a crying sound or coo or anything in my whole nearly six months of life! It's absolutely crazy! I am so exctied for that and even more excited to finally get food into my tummy again! I don't know if you can, but try to imagine not having food in your tummy for months. I get plenty of nutrition thru my NJ tube that skips my tummy and goes into my intestines, but it's not satisfying. I am excited to have a full tummy. It will be so nice. I'll feel a little bit more normal and be a little bit more normal to go home, too. Oh, I hope they do this and it all works out great. Please pray so very hard tonight with me. 

After a bath and a wild man spurt, Mom and I relaxed and she read me a book until I fell asleep for an afternoon nap. A wonderful day. We read "SkippyJon Jones". It was a gift and it was funny! There is a cat and he pretends to be a tiny spanish dog. Mom read it and she sounded so silly. It made me smile. I liked the pictures. Okay, well...bed time for me! Another big day tomorrow. Good Night. -Heath

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