8/20/18 - Progress

It was a better day than yesterday, by far. I didn't have as strong of withdrawal symptoms, I napped mid-day and I didn't puke. Plus, I got to have food again today! In my belly and it stayed down all day! Medicines stayed down, too! Even the magnesium! Great start to what I am praying will be a good week. The last few days have been a little unsteady, but I am okay. Nothing we didn't expect. I think I can do this. I feel more confident today. It's still early in this fight thru a big adversity I was expecting would come sooner or later (eating). I can do it. My friends and family are all routing for me! Now that the care team has a better plan and is more in tune to what I can handle, I think it could go well.  Keep praying I can do this, the feeds in my tummy, so I can go home and weaning off of the tubes completely, someday, will go much easier. 


So, yes, I felt better and got some rest. It made me just feel more comfortable all around. I had a couple short awake periods to visit with Mom, do therapy, get medicines and breathing treatments...I guess I was awake quite a bit! Not too much to update you on besides that. I'm going to sleep some more now. Talk tomorrow. -Heath

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