8/21/18 - Carrots!

The therapists couldn't leave me alone today. Speech therapy came in first and worked with me to learn to use the binky (to suck on a bottle eventually). Then, she told me she had a surprise...she left the room quick and came back with something orange. She called it Carrots. I saw her scoop a little onto her finger and she smeared the dab of carrot onto my fingers. I put my fingers into my mouth and it was like the sky opened and heaven shown thru. Carrots are delicious! I raised my eyebrows and made a yum face to tell her I liked them. She said Mom can help me have some everyday if I keep getting better. Tomorrow we try a spoon. I ended up smearing it all over my chest and face, but it was still yummy. I'm doing well with my milk staying down still all day today, too. The care team is going to start TPN and Lippids again just to be sure I am getting everything I need while my feeds build up to the full amount over the week. I had a rough start to this all, but I think things are on the up-n-up. Thank you for all of the prayers! 


After my carrot party, Physical Therapy came to see me. My girlfriend...he, he, he. She and I sat up and played. She helped me sit up strait and since I can hold my head up so good now, she tried letting me sit without help in the Bumbo. I did great! She is also teaching me how to roll myself over. I can kind of do it. I know how to shift my weight so my hips move over, but I haven't figured out how to get my top half over yet. So, we worked on my neck and back muscles. I can lift my head up a little on my tummy now. Its a big deal! I very much enjoyed my session today. Then, the Occupational Therapist came in to see me. Yes, another therapist! I was about worn out. 


Mom gave me a much needed bath, after my girlfriend left. It felt so good. I'm not the biggest fan of baths, but I like part of them. I like my hair washed and when my back gets washed the most. I am okay with a bath until I feel a little chilled and then I just want to be done. Mom got me squeeky clean and then wrapped me up in a balnket and snuggled me for a while. It was perfect. Then, the Occupational Therapist came in to see me. Yes, another therapist! I was about worn out. Mom put my back in my crib and the therapist did her work. She was helping me learn to hold and grab things. I am getting better every day with this stuff. Normal baby stuff. 

I didn't last to long after she was done with me. My respritory therapist did my breathing treatment...another therapist. Lol! Then, I fell asleep for a nice cozy and long afternoon nap. I had a very nice day. Tomorrow is a big day! I'm getting old! Talk then. Good Night. -Heath

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