8/22/18 - Half Of A Year

I just fell asleep before Mom came into my room this morning. I had been throwing up all morning, not keeping my feed down. It was a rough start to a milestone day. I was able to sleep off the icky feeling and woke up in better shape for my next feed. I kept it down. And the next one. And the one after than didn’t stay down for more than a few minutes. Ups and downs and turns with this whole getting food and medicines in my tummy together. I’m doing better, but not great. Trying to struggle thru the next few days and hopefully my body will adjust before the care team gives up and re-places the NJ tube. I really hope not. I need your prayers. For strength and for patience thru this struggle. 

Like I said above, I did wake up feeling better and was pretty comfortable this noon. I played with my mobile, Mom, my girlfriend and PT. It was a good time. To celebrate my 6 month birthday, I sat up in a high chair and ate carrots with a spoon! Yes, with a spoon and ate them...like, really swallowed them and stuff! Big deal! I love carrots. They don’t make my tummy upset, I kept them down. Can’t live on carrots though Mom says. So, I enjoyed my snack and watched my fishes swimming until I dozed off for another quick nap. 

Six months, 181 days and a lot of literal blood, sweat and tears...but look at me. I did this. I’m beating my adversities and I am alive! I am still here and fighting harder than ever! Everyone is proud and so supportive. I am blessed. I am brave. I am Heath the heart warrior. Here to kick butt he he he. But my little butt is about to go to bed. Thank you all for the amazing messages and half birthday wishes. I hope my one year birthday will be much different in a good way. Good night. -Heath

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