8/24/18 - Lots Of Work To Do

I wonder what I'll be like when I'm big? Will I like carrots still? Or my mobile? I guess that's without question, I will always love my mobile. He, he, he. Mom and I were talking about home today. It felt right. With all of the troubles of the last week, I needed to remember what I'm fighting for again. For home. For getting big. For all the good things that life has in store for me. I have a lot to work thru before Home, but I am a hard worker. 


I stretched out big and tall so Mom could share a picture of how big I have grown. Look! I'm having a little better day, today. My fever still hasn't broken, but its lower. I still feel rough and have thrown up some, but not as much as yesterday. So, all-in-all, today was a better day. I enjoyed sitting up at the end of my crib in the silly tumble-form chair from therapy. One of my girlfriends from today hung that red rattlee ball from the overhead light arm so it hung by my arms. I hit it and it rattled and swung back and forth. The girls in the hall way could see me practicing and I could see them watching, so I showed off a little. Just a little...he, he. 


I was feeling pretty good, but I was still throwing up bile, mucus and medicines most of the morning. By this late morning/early afternoon, though I wasn't as urpy. My mommy held me a bunch and we looked all over the room and she tried to get me close enough to look out the window to the outside, but my cords kept us pretty far away. We like to snuggle. It's the best. I gave her the biggest smiles I could. She loved them. We sent pictures to my Dad. I had my breathing treatment a little while later back in my crib, laid on my side in my Boppy pillow and watched my fishes. Talked to Mom and my girlfriend. Then, took a nice long nap. 

When I woke up this afternoon, after the nice long nap, my girlfriend and I played. We played Peek-A-Boo, Soooo-BIG and she read me books. I loved it! She got very excited and called my Mom to tell her that I had a very good afternoon/evening. No pukes! That was a plus. I hate pukes. Eeew! The blood cultures they took the other day came back "dirty" and the care team started me on some antibiotics yesterday. I also have a red area on my chest that is a possible concern, but right now, they aren't going to worry too much about it; unless it doesn't go away. I think they are helping already; the antibiotics. I'll have them for seven days, or until the bug clears. Hopefully it is just something minor that will go away quickly. Hopefully that is the explanation for my pukes, too, and that they will go away with it. We will see. But, with the antibiotics, today I am not so rough. Still not quite myself, but not so rough. Thank you for the continued prayers. Good Night. Talk tomorrow. -Heath

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