8/25/18 - Lots Of Rest

Last night was very hard. I threw up nine or ten times throughout the night and didn't get any sleep. I couldn't keep my medicines down, so then the withdrawal symptoms started back at me. I felt sick and shaky and so tired. My girlfriend tried so hard to comfort me and prevent the pukes from happening. She gave my medicines super slow and tried to keep me calm. It wasn't working. I couldn't stop getting sick. She gave me quite a bit of Morphine and something called Clonidine, too (that's for my blood pressure that was raised because of the pukes and fever and stuff). So, eventually, as morning came up and the Morphine kicked in, I was able to fall asleep. 


So, that's what I did all day...I slept. I slept hard. Only waking up for a short while to love on Mom and poop. I did both and fell back asleep in a different position. My chest was less red today, too. Hopefully it was nothing, but we wonder if the antibiotics changed it, too? Hard to know. Something is going on with my body lately though...just have to fight through this. Always fighting. Sorry for my hair in the pictures...bed head is a real thing. 

My girlfriend, she called Mom just before she wrote this for me tonight, said I had a nice evening after I woke up from my long, long nappy day. I sat up in my Boppy and smiled at the girls. I felt a little better. Hopefully tonight won't be as rough as last night. I'm a little bit nervous. Here we go into the night though...hmmm. Please keep me in your prayers. Good Night. -Heath

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