8/27/18 - Different Positions


I'm not too keen on tummy time yet. I try it out at least once a week, but I'm not very comfrotable on my chest yet. It doesn't hurt. It's just a little uncomfortable because I don't know how to position myself well. So, Mom has started holding my so my head is on her shoulder and I am on my tummy against her. She keeps me more upright for now, so I can learn to move in this postion to get comfortable without all of my weight leaning into it. It's very comfortable for me to lay that way. I am trying lots of new positons lately. I can roll myself from my back to my sides and almost onto my tummy. Pretty good work, therapy says. I am foing well. Getting stronger. Hopefully my health will stay better, so I can continue to feel better and get stronger. 


Not much to update, so far as the feeding sagga goes. I had the NJ tube placed and still have the NG tube, too. I'm getting fed into my gut right now and not my tummy. I think things are going okay with that. It's a step back that we hope will turn into two steeps forward. I can hopefully get thru the medicine withdrawls while using thee NJ and then hopefully NG (tummy) feeds will go better when we try again. We will see! Keep me in your thoughts. Short and sweet blog tonight. Love, Heath. 

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