8/28/18 - Saying Goodbye To The IV Pole


No power at home for Mommy to post tonight because of the storms, so we made it short and quick! I had a fantastic day! My brodude was back today, thank goodness! I missed him. I am officially off of my IV medicines! I can loose the pole as soon as I am done with antibiotics we hope! SO excited! It’s a huge, ginormous accomplishment moment in my life. The first time in my entire life that I haven’t been IV medicated. It’s a serious miracle. I had an Echocardiogram today to check up on my heart. Nothing alarming that we heard back about, so that’s great. NJ feeds are going well. I feel great. 

After my Echocardiogram, Mommy scooped me up and we snuggled hard. It was fantastic! Then, when Speach Therapy came, she put me back into my crib. I ate carrots again. With a spoon...and my hand. Yum! I also made myself a carrot beard. He, he, he! Then I napped. I only napped a short while. I woke up to play! I was feeling frisky! 

My physical therapist girlfriend came into see me at the perfect time today. I was ready. We played on the floor mat together with Mom. I pushed buttons on my toys, practiced how to roll over and practiced sitting. It was a good session. After therapy, I snoozed with my very special bear that was gifted to me from my friends today. They are so sweet. Oh am I tired now though. Busy day! Nighty nite. -Heath

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