8/29/18 - Outside!!

Today was great! First, I endulged...mmm carrots. I’m swallowing more at a time every day! Getting excited to try Peas tomorrow! I think I’ll like them. It gets messy, but I like tasting new stuff. I also like getting messy. Well, until it’s time to clean up... 

Nevermind my sock situation...I wiggled them off. For comfort...


Then, I went for a stroll...down the hall!! Second time to ever leave my room for fun (the first was when I had my Berlin Heart). I cruised the halls flirting with the girlfriends and saying Hi, checking things out. Loved it! Had to wear a face mask. I didn’t mind it, but it didn’t fit too well. I felt like a masked bandit on a mission. He, he, he!


Then, I took an elevator ride (no IV pole!) and went downstairs. To the lobby. For the first time. My girlfriend from down the hall, her parents rode with us. It was nice. 

And then, for the first time in my life...I went outside. The sun was bright, it took me a minute to adjust. I liked the warm feeling on my skin. It was just how I had imagined it. There was a breeze that made my hair move a little. It tickled my head. The air was so fresh and absolutely incredible. So easy to breathe in and out. It was nice. I loved the trees in the hospital park. They moved in such a graceful way. Relaxing. I fell asleep in Mom’s arms and she held me on the bench. It was so nice. I snoozed in the sunshine for the first time. A good half hour nap. I woke up to some new sounds. Construction sounds from over the fence. It was loud, but I didn’t mind it. It was interesting. I liked the sounds. We went for a stroll around the little park to look and it was fantastic! I really love outside. Best Day Ever! Also, my hair looks super red outside!


So, we went back up stairs and I was feeling so refreshed. I practiced tummy time and played with Mom with my toys. Mr.Beaver made a return and I tried to eat his tail agin. Quick, sneaky fella’! I got him though. Then, I watched my fishes swim and snuggled my glow worm while it played music, and fell asleep for a nice long nap. Best day ever. -Heath

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