8/3/18 - My First Bumbo Experience


I think that today was possible one of or the best day of my life so far. Not in that something wonderful happened, like getting my heart gift, but in that I just had that nice of a day. It was wonderful. Uneventful, peaceful and happy. I haven't really had that many good days to base an opinion off of, but a good day, is a good day. I spent the day doing stuff I wanted to do. I was wide awake and happy. I felt good, felt clean, felt comfortable. Just all good feelings. The clot thing is in our minds, but besides that, I am recovering from my heart surgery very well. Today, i started with a short nap on my tummy, visiting with my girlfriends, a quick check up and some play time. Mom came later and first she helped me change into something fresh and clean. I picked stripes. Dad likes when I wear stripes. I looked good. 

Then, we played a little bit. I stretched out on the bed super tall and long! I am longer than the blankets now! Over 2' tall! My dietitian came to see me and said that as far as growth goes, I am right where I need to be. Compared to other babies my age, I am in the right spot. So, that was wonderful news to here. My therapist, the OT one, said that developmentally I am doing very well considering all of my adversities. I am a little behind on leg strength and almost there with holding my head up. We are working hard on things now to catch me up. Today, I sat up in the tumble form chair for a while when therapy was here working with me. It's a big blue chair that helps me gradually sit more up and gain head control. I sometimes like it and sometimes don't. I'm still kind of little for it, I think? It went well today, though. I sat in my Bumbo chair today, too and I liked that much more. That chair is so comfy! I like how my feet dangle a little. I think in a week or so, if i keep working hard, I might be able to hold my head up all by myself and sit in that chair without someone helping. It will be great! I can see so much more when I'm sitting up and I can breath really good, too.

My bum vocal cord doesn't like when I lay flat. Hoping they will fix that next week. I think that's the plan. My doctor stopped to see me today and he just chatted about that stuff. He also rubbed my head. I like when he rubs my head. Mom and I also got some snuggles in today. I didn't nap with her, we visited though while she held me close to her. I like to reach out and touch her and poke. I smile at her and kick my legs out excitedly. We sat with each other a long, long time today before i went back to my crib and she had to go. I looked around a minute for her to make sure she left and then went to sleep in my Boppy pillow. Best. Day. Yet. Thank you for contunuing your prayers. Good Night -Heath

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