8/30/18 - Sunshine & A Cool Breeze

I had banana today. It was delicious! So, two foods tried, two foods liked. Carrots, Bananas...now? We tried to get peas, but they were out. Maybe those will be next. Have to start vegetables now, so I’ll favor them as I get older...at least that’s what I’m being told. I don’t care, I just like trying stuff. Yum! Then, I did therapy sessions with PT and OT, I played on my play mat for a while and loved that, then I just smile and played with my mobile until Mom got here. She brought sun glasses with. Yesterday, when I went outside for the first time ever, my eyes didn’t like the bright sun...so, because I don’t have baby size sunglasses yet, I wore some aviators. My brodude brought a hat out for me to keep my head warm outside and help with the glasses , too. It worked good, believe it or not! I liked wearing them. They helped a lot with the brightness. I kept my eyes open more and looked around more this time outside. I like it so so much! 

I rode around in the stroller a bit. We made a few laps. Checked out the bushes and trees, listened to a guy with a leave blower across the street and then I took myself a nice nap in the sunshine. Absolutely perfect. Mom said that the weather today was probably the best of the year so far. It was warm, with a breeze and the sunshine shown thru the trees into my face. 

We had to go back into the stuffy hospital eventually, but on our way back to my room, we stopped to look at the fishes. I have a fishy tank, but this one was big and I loved it! I’m looking forward to going back to see it again. 

When I did, eventually, return to my room, I played with toys with Mom and practiced my sitting. I am getting very, very good at it! Well, that’s all for today. Perfect day!!! -Heath

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