8/5/18 - More Family Time


I was uber cute today in my shampoo cap. I had a second bath today to get fresh after sweating myself up in a happy smile dance party with my Dad and visitors. Yes! More visitors today! This is the most I have had for visitors since the first week of my life. Only at that time, they thought they were telling me good-bye forever. So glad this was a visit under better circumstances! I am a miracle. That's what everyone keeps saying. Anyhow, my great Aunt and Uncle from my Mom's side came to see me today. They brought me a blue bunny that I love. It's nice to feel. You all know how much I love to feel fuzzy things. Anyhow, they stayed a long while and we had good talks. I danced to my music and showed them how I can kick out my feet and swing my arms. We talked about home and my cousins. About how much fun it will be to play with them, since they are mostly little, like me. We can all grow up together! It's great! I worked myself up into a sweat from playing so hard while they were here. Mom gave me a quick once over and washed my hair. Sometimes, not always, we use the big person shampoo caps that my girlfriends heat up for me. They are so warm and make me sleepy. My hair always comes out soft and clean. 


I dozed off after my bath. I had a nice day, but today started out with a fever. I am not sure just yet why or what from, but the care team is tracking it. My renal numbers were also lower. They aren't taking any extreme measures to correct these numbers just yet, but if anything changes they will go for it. Hoping and praying it's nothing to be concerned about and that maybe it's just because of my teeth coming in that I'm springing a fever? That would be too easy though...ugh. Anyhow, good day. Great familly time. Lots of smiles. I am wiped out! Good Night. Talk tomorrow. -Heath

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