8/8/18 - Peeeeeeee

I had a bath and then I did a lot of sleeping today. Sometimes, when a long term girlfriend comes to spend the night with me, we end up awake most of the night visiting and I don't get enough sleep. Such case was last night. Love the ladies, but they are exhausting...talk, talk, talk, talk, talk! How's a man like me supposed to get any sleep? She was too pretty to not look at and I have to keep a reputation here at the hospital you know. So, I stayed up all night and today I was wiped out. I held Mom's hand and smiled in my sleep; happy dreams. Lots of happy dreams. 


I had another busy morning. I had a breathing treatment right away again, like every day. When I have them (it's a nebulizer treatment) I have lots of broken down flem to cough up. It wore me out, but I felt clear and better after some good coughs and some little urps. Therapy came and did some work with me. I sat up in that too-big-for-me pro form chair thing again and didn't like it. I did good for therapy otherwise. I am getting smarter and stronger every day. Later, my Echocardiogram happened and it seemed to go well. My doctor stopped to talk with Mom and Dad was on speaker phone listening in. I guess when they looked at my heart today, they saw the clot still but the "dangley" part of it has dissipated. Hopefully the rest of it will continue to break down and also dissipate. So, that was good news. My heart function seems to be stable and the care team is happy with everything so far. The doctor also told us that the care team may hold off on my vocal cord repair, yet again. I guess they have a couple concerns...one being that I could develop a hemotoma from the injection from being on anti-coagulants and second, that because I have a Cath. Lab set for less that two weeks from now, it might be better to wait until then. The care team is discussing with ENT whether being intubated with the ventilator tube during my Cath. Lab appointment will hurt my recently repaired vocal cord when it puts pressure on it. So, we will learn if that is happening or not soon. Not sure what the best answer is right now? Ugh...everything is a waiting game. Fine finess. I am a very patient guy though. Thankfully. 


I had slept most of the day and was awake a short while for Mom to clean me up and change me. I sat up for her and stretched out good. Then back to my nap. Other than that, I didn't pee today from 4am until after 2pm...the care team was worried. Then, I watched my Mom leave the room for a minute and i let it all go...everywhere. They were no longer concerned. You're welcome. He, he, he! I napped and was happy as a clam. I'm about to do the same. Good Night. Thank you for the prayers. -Heath

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