8/9/18 - The Slow Wean


Not an exciting day...the best kind. My breathing treatment went well. Not so much urpies today. A good thing! Maybe that means that the gunk has worked itself out? The care team ended up postponing my vocal cord repair that was scheduled for today. It's frustrating, a minor set back, but it was overall the best decision. So, the new plan is to do that the day of my first Cath. Lab in a week or so. I had a great therapy session with my OT girlfriend. She left me sitting up in that big blue tumble-form chair. I fell asleep in it today and was actually comfortable! That's how we know for sure I'm getting big. I've never bee comfortable in the thing. My nurse today put a sock on my hand so I would stop pulling my tubes. I woke up to Mommy stroking my head. She helped me out of the chair and smooched my forehead. I like when she does that. I close my eyes softly and give her big smiles. We get along pretty good; her and I. Lots of love. 


She thought I was a little sweaty and changed my clothes. I laid down on fresh bedding, a clean diaper and was out like a light. I napped. I napped all afternoon. I pee'd really good today, though. Not really sure what happened yesterday? So, we all feel better. My numbers all looked good today, too. I am coming down on medicines this week. The opioids, narcotics, diuretics, etc... It's not an easy thing to do, but I'm handling the slow wean pretty well. They had to increase my heart medicine a little because my blood pressure was a titch too high today. Could be a sign from the wean. Not too much for withdrawals overall, though. Thankfully! Going to keep resting and healing. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Catching up to do! -Heath

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