9/1/18 - No More IV Pole


I started the day off with a snooze. I was sweaty and icky. Mom woke me up after an hour or so and gave me a good bath. I needed to be awake a little during the day so I sleep at night. My schedule has been a little up and down while I was coming off medicines. Hoping to normalize a little more before the “H” word. After I was cleaned up, Mommy dressed me up in my Opening Day outfit! My first Camo outfit. It’s a 9 month size and Mom was all emotional about it. I’m growing up so fast she says. Daddy was so happy. I think I looked pretty manly. Someday when I am big, I’ll go hunting for meat. I have doggies that like to go get birds and we will have a lot of fun together. Daddy will probably teach me. Anyhow, no meat for me today...today I ate banana again. I sat up in my Bumbo. I can sit up without anyone holding my head up now. I can hold it up all on my own! I sat and Mom fed me, Not too much banana today, but a few tastes. I’m not very good at swallowing yet. I like to put my food in my cheek pocket like a chipmunk. I eventually swallow it, but I take my time. I don’t even drool much. Mommy had me wear a bib today to keep my outfit clean. It worked okay. I looked cute. Mr.Beaver watched me eat...I think he wanted to have a bite too. I don’t know if beavers like bananas, though? 

After all that, Mom scooped me up and we snuggled for a long time. I slept so good. Then, we played and visited some more. My girlfriend took out my PICC line (that was in my leg) this morning! No more IV pole!!! The first time in my life!! It’s such a wonderful feeling to be free of more cords. Like my friend told us...shedding my layers, one at a time. So, I’m excited about that and pants. Now I can wear pants! Mom might bring some. I had a really nice day. I know many of you are wondering when I will get to hear a date for the “H” word, but so far there isn’t a date set. The doctors frequently say “hopefully, if all goes well, you could go home in as little as a month”...but, we have heard that for a month. So, I don’t know for sure when I’ll get to leave here and start my life? Like it’s said though, “Good things come to those who wait” and to those who work hard, too. I think I’ll be going soon. I’ll be sure to keep you updated. My family will have a big party for everyone to visit and catch up when I can. I guess I better go nite nite. Talk tomorrow. -Heath

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