9/11/18 - More To Know


Today was another training day before my discharge. Hopefully early next week. Mom learned more about my medicines and how to give them to me, how to keep me safe from germs and what to do if there’s an emergency. They also talked about what happens with rejection. It’s a scary thought, but at least we know what to expect if it happened to pop up in the future.


They talked about me going home and tonight and tomorrow, Mom has to do a 24hrs stay with me at the hospital. She will do all my meds, cares and love on me. They say to make it like we were at home, but Mom says this place is nothing like home. I will love home! There is carpet, good smells from the kitchen and unlimited loveys. I’m so excited.

I got a really good bath and a cute outfit put on, then I played with my red ball and fishes. It was fun! I’m very good at swinging my arms and getting them. Hmmm…what else? Not too much today. Going to snuggle all night and will talk more tomorrow I suppose. Nighty nite. -Heath

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