9/14/18 - Getting Back On Track

Snuggles and smiles have been the main thing on my agenda lately. I woke up to Mom next to my crib. She scooped me up and last I remember, I was up against her and we were rocking. I dozed right back to sleep. When I woke up for the day, a while later, I was all smiles, though.

I sat up and played in my crib for a while, when we finished our morning snuggle session. I’m getting so good at sitting. Soon, I will be able to without using the Boppy. I can hold my head up really strong. I turn and look when I want to see things or sounds or people, too. I like that I can’t be a little independent, you know? Everyone is very proud of the hard work I’ve put in in therapy and how far I’ve progressed in the last few weeks. I’m still a little behind the eight ball, but I’m catching up!

We snuggled a little more and then she gave me a bath. I’m not the biggest fan of baths at the hospital…it’s just sponge baths. When I get home, Mom said that I can take a bath in my own tub. It’s little, like me, and I can sit in water. I’m kind of excited to try that for the first time. I think I’ll like that better than sponge baths. I want to put my hands and toes in the water, too. Sometimes, Mom lets me put my hands in a cup of water to feel it on my fingers. That’s always fun. I was so fresh and clean, my hair was nice and fluffy, and Mom put lotion on me, so my skin was super soft.

Of course I had to do some dancing after my bath! I was feeling good and also, I’m back on feeds and they are going well so far. So, I needed to celebrate! I’m getting 20ml/hr now! Working hard to get thru the bumps and get back on track to go home! Thank you for the prayers! I think they helped. So, the G tube feeds are working out again, so far. Hopefully that means the Seroquel discontinuation was the reason for the pukes. So, anyhow, speaking of the G tube. Mom has learned to take care of it for me and she moves it to a new position every three days. Here’s an updated picture. The site looks so good. Hopefully it won’t give me any trouble. Hmmm…I don’t really have much else to update on for me, otherwise.

I do have something exciting though, Dad is coming to spend the night with me tonight…that 24hr text thing…kind of. So, he should be arriving soon! Can’t wait for him to get here. My girlfriend tonight is going to teach him how to give medicines to me and how to take care of me. He’s got some catching up to do and we have snuggles to catch up on too. Will talk tomorrow and let you know how it went. Good night. -Heath

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