9/15/18 - More Time

Friends of my family have a baby my age, she is healthy though, and she turned five months old today. I am almost two months older than her. She sits up all by herself, she makes cooing sounds and mimics her Mommy and she can push herself up from a squat to standing with some help. I don’t do any of those things yet. I’m working on them, but it’s hard not to compare. We aren’t supposed to compare my life to other babies my ages’ lives. It’s not a fair comparison, with all that I have been thru and survived, but it’s still hard not too. I think for everything that I’ve endured, I am doing very well developmentally. Mom was holding me today and I was sitting up on a pillow. I turned my head to look at her when she said my name and she looked like she couldn’t smile any bigger. It made me feel so proud. I’m getting caught up on all of the things I’ve missed, a little at a time. Today, during playtime, Mom and I worked on reaching. I’m getting pretty good at it! I can look at something and make my hands go to it now. It’s very exciting. Sometimes I get over excited and look little a wild man…like this…lol:

After play time, I ate some bananas. Yummy as usual! Mom feeds them to me with a spoon now. I can swallow them good, too. Sometimes, I put my fingers in them and smoosh them in my face a clothes. That’s always funny. I ate, then got pretty tired. Mom scooped me up and we snuggled and watch TV. I love sitting on her lap and then falling asleep in the perfect position later. It feels good to snuggle. I slept a long while, too. I am up to 28ml/hr and I love having food in my tummy again. I have energy and also, sleep better. Just a nice day, Talk soon…-Heath

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