9/16/18 - Poop-cident


Mom got here bright and early to listen in on rounds and get in some extra snuggles. I was a bit of a mess when she arrived, so she cleaned me up and changed my clothes and bedding. It was nice to be cared for. I like the attention. Then, the care team stopped by for rounds. They visited me and I gave them the biggest Heath smiles I could muster. They liked that. Mom thinks it’s cute how grown up men doctors all melt when I smile at them and the ladies all want to smooch me. I’m a hunk. Anyhow, we talked about the week and the plans for tomorrow. They are wanting to wean the Seroquel again. I’m on half the amount that I was before (when they stopped it last week and I was puking), so we hope that I won’t have as bad of withdrawal symptoms this time. The amount that I am on right now is so minimal, that they would have a hard time weaning it slower than just stopping it. So, tomorrow, I believe they plan to do that. Please pray I can handle not having it. I don’t want to go thru those rough pukes again and have another set back. I need to come off this medicine, though. So…please pray for me. I’m going to try very hard. I think my bro-dude nurse friend is here tomorrow and he and Mom will help me thru this.


I had a nice day today. Mom snuggled me after rounds. We sat in the recliner chair and visited. Watched some TV this time. It was kind of nice. I liked the colors and it got me pretty excited. I was watching the cartoon and kicking and punching my arms and legs when they moved on the screen. Mom said I was a nut. I guess I was a little wild, because I made myself poop! Mom heard me, scooped me up quick to get me on the bed and it was already everywhere…even on her shirt… I was laughing SO hard! Big smiles, bigger farts and a BIG diaper full. EEEEWWWW!! Glad I don’t have to clean up myself! I even got it on the crib. None in my hair though, ha ha. What a treat that was! Surprise! I couldn’t help it. I get a lot of milk now and I was all worked up over the show, so it just happened. I must have kicked too hard? He, he, he. First time for everything.

After another clothes and bedding change, it was play time. I was sure awake now! That red rattle ball was calling my name. Mom helped me sit up and I reached out and gave it a smack! It swung back and forth. I watched it go left, right, left, right, until I knew the right time to reach out and grab it! Gotcha’! Then, I kept doing it. It was a lot of fun. It wore me out though and I ended up snoozing for the rest of the day. Okay, well…that’s all for today. Nighty Nite. -Heath

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