9/17/18 - Less Is More

The care team took me off of the Seroquel again, today. I had just a few small pukes, but I think I’m doing pretty good. It’s still pretty soon to tell, though. So, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that. The team increased my feeds to 35ml/hr now, too. I think I’m feeling pretty good about that. We are all happy to get rid of another medicine. Less medicine is better! With time…


All-in-all, my day went pretty nice today. Got lots of cuddles in and some play time, too. I sat up and showed off how well I hold up my head. I pushed some light up buttons on my toy and made the music play, too. Then, for physical therapy, I practiced tummy time. When I’m laying on my tummy, I can lift my head up using my back muscles now. It’s pretty exciting for me! Big boy stuff! I also watched my fishes and played with my pony and bears. I was all smiles.


I had to have a lab draw today, again. I give blood so often. It’s not fun. Mom wants to growl and bite anyone who hurts me, so it’s more than hard to see me cry when they wrap the blue rubber band on my arm and poke my veins. She comforts me as best possible and we get thru it. Like always. Being a hospital baby is not fun. I am very brave though. I took a nap for a few hours after that. When I woke up tonight, I felt much better and was happy again. Sometimes, you just have to sleep it off, right? He, he, he. Will talk more tomorrow. Night nite. -Heath

PS. Did you know you can get license plates that help support kids like me at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin? Here are Mommy’s plates…and here’s a link if you want to get some for your car, too: https://www.chw.org/ways-to-help/giving/how-to-give/license-plates

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