9/2/18 - Sunday Bumday


Wow...i look pudgy in that picture...he, he, he. I am a little pudgy nowadays. It's a great thing. The care team would actually like to see me gain a little more. I'm 13lbs 14oz as of today. I think my girlfriend will re-weigh me tonight. The care team owuld like to see me around 15lbs before my G-tube procedure is done. They did schedule it for next Thrusday tentatively though, so it musn't be that big of a deal? I don't know for sure. I'm feeling good lately and getting the nurtition I need to grow thru my NJ tube. I get 33ml/hour of milk. I am eating some real foods now too, as you know. I tried some carrots again today. They weren't too tasty. I think I was just too tired to eat them. Today was just a good day to snooze all day. That is exactly what I did, too!


Mom helped me onto my play mat so I could kick and punch and giggle with my toys. It was fun to play. I was ready to nap, not too long after I started, so she scooped me up for snuggles. We sat together and I snoozed so hard. It was nice. I like laying with someone, instead of in my crib alone. I think it's the breathing in and out feeling that makes it so comfy. When I woke up, I was in a different position than when I fell asleep. I guess I must have been wiggly?


Mom helped me to my crib and I sat up in my Boppy. We read some books. I love books. I like listening and raise my eyebrows when the pages turn. I like how Mommy makes it exciting and I like the colors. We read books until I fell asleep. It was nice. Later in the day, Dad stopped to see me. I was sleeping when he arrived. My girlfriend helped him feed me carrots and he changed my diaper for the first time. I slept again and he went home. It was a really nice, snoozy, happy day. Good Night. -Heath

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