9/20/18 - A Full Tummy

I never thought that having a full tummy would ever been an issue like it has been. Don’t you remember the days when I wasn’t even getting fed? I would get nutrition thru an IV into my blood. Really a bizarre was to grow up! I am so thankful, even with the pukes lately, that I can have food into my tummy.


I played with Mom and the girlfriends so much yesterday, that last night I slept “like a baby”. I fell asleep at about 1030pm and slept all night! No pukes either! And no pukes today! I was feeling so good today after the night of rest. I played hard again today, too. Hopefully I am beginning a good cycle! I had a great time snuggling and playing, doing therapy and eating carrots, and visiting with everyone today. I was all smiles and drama. Actually, one of my nicknames around here is Mr. Drama Pants..especially during therapy. I am not much of a cry baby, unless something is actually wrong. I am very smart, you see? I am more of a make a face to get my point across, shake my head no or fake sleep kind of guy. They all think I’m funny, but I’m really just annoyed by all the girls around here. I thought having lot of girlfriends would be wonderful, but now that I’m a little better, they won’t leave me alone. I’ll manage though…I love all of the attention.

Went up on my feeds to 31ml/hr today. My goal is 35ml/hr of milk. It’s not too far off, but I’ve been struggling a little with feeds, as you know. Hopefully this time will go well. It’s my last chance before the care team places the NJ. They are going to give me thru the weekend. So, please send lots of prayers for me and that the pukes stay away. I need to do this (handle the G feeds), so I can go home now and not have to stay here longer for the NJ and GJ stuff. It’s such a huge deal. I’m ready to go home. Oh, the Oxygen is off again now, too. We think it’s just a pulsox (the light that is on my foot that reads my blood oxygen level) issue..when it’s positioned perfectly, my 02 is fine. So, hopefully, they will leave stuff off of my face. Other than that, the carrots were delicious today, i’m pooped out from playtime and I think I need a snooze. Good Night. -Heath

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