9/22/18 - Seven Months Old

It’s a big day!! I am 7 months old today!! Can you believe it?! Everyone says I’m such a big boy now. I feel smarter and stronger. I have lots of hair and my smile is getting bigger. Mom says I look very handsome, like my Dad. I have her eyes and lips though. I can lift and turn and hold my head up really, really good now. I kick and push things with my toes. I reach out for things I want to touch, I push buttons on toys, & I grab and hold onto things I want, now too. I eat some baby foods. My favorite right now is Bananas. I like sitting up, my fishies, my pony, books and all my fuzzy, stuffed animals. Snuggles and cuddles are an everyday must! I can touch my toes while I sit up and can almost balance on my own, but not quite. I get hot easy and like to have my toes free. I love snuggly blankets though. My favorite things are my mobile, my pony, my hole-y blankets that have room to poke my toes out, my fishy aquarium toy, the book “Skippy John Jones”, my red rattle ball is awesome and the Mr. Beaver toy from my play mat is still my nemesis (I will chew on him again someday). I smile at everything. I love outside, the sunshine and stroller rides. I hate apples and Nystatin in my mouth. Yuck! Anyhoo…212 days old! Whoo! It’s been a lot of work! I am strong and a fighter…a warrior!

My day was great. I feel good with the J tube. It’s not so bad, I guess. Full feeds already! 35ml/hr. So, at least I am getting nutrition and hydration. The care team will help me get home soon. I enjoyed a nice trip outside today, to celebrate seven months. It was nice out. Mom said the weather was “fall” weather. That means it is nice out…not too hot, not too cold. Sunny. So, I looked around a little and then took a nice nap in the warm sunshine. It’s my favorite way to nap…outside. The air is so nice. I went in after a little while and we took the elevator up to my floor and went back to my room. I sat up and played with my toys a long while, got in my cuddles with Mom and then decided to nap. It was a wonderful day. Thank you for all the messages and prayers. Good Night. -Heath

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