9/23/18 - Man Stuff

Dad came with Mom today…he met me on a cruise in the hall with my brodude. I was so confused? Here I was just cruising along in my stroller and then, there’s Mom and Dad. Magic! I was excited. We went back to my room and visited a quick minute. I felt Dad’s beard and it was prickly and weird. Like a stuffed animal toy, but the porcupine kind. We laughed when I picked his nose. He was so happy to see me.

Then, we went outside! I think it was the first time Dad went out with me? So, it was really nice. I sat on Mommy’s lap, under a tree, in a small outdoor area the hospital has. It was nice to look around and see everything. My eyes aren’t used to the sunlight and I am not very fond of sunglasses yet, so I squinted a little until they adjusted. I like watching everything move and the feeling of the sunshine. We sat out there a long while. Peaceful…

On the return trip to go back up to my room, we made our stop at the aquarium. I love watching the fish swim and water move. In my room again, Dad helped me sit up and play a little bit. Then, Mom helped him get situated in the big recliner chair with me so we could snuggle and watch the football game together. We did, I napped and then, before I knew it I was sleeping in my crib again for the night. Such a nice day. Good Night. -Heath

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