9/24/18 - They Said It Again

I did a lot of therapy work today. Occupational and Physical therapy kind of work on similar things, but they both come in to visit me at different times in the day. I worked on reaching, pushing, tummy time, muscle strength and grabbing/holding things. I do something new now; I reach my arms out and pat stuff with my hands. Like, my stuffed animals toys…I’ll reach out and grab them or pat them with my hand. It’s a neat new thing. I’m learning so much lately. My motor skills and thought processing have really taken off! Back to therapy; I had Speech therapy come today too. She is the one who is helping me learn to process and swallow soft baby foods. We had a nice session. I’m a messy eater though. Mom got here not long after my therapy session and saw dirty cloths all over and thought I had thrown up. It scared her until she learned it was food I wiped on myself and everything else during therapy. I was pretty tired after all of that. Mom scooped me up and sat to rock me in the chair. I love rocking and snuggles. I napped a couple hours with her. She eventually put me in my crib and I don’t even remember moving. I slept hard and woke up just in time to do some more playing before shift change. My nurses are all going to miss me soon I guess…the hospital called Mom on her way ho e and said my new discharge date is this Friday afternoon! Holy cow! We are freaking out excited! I might go home this time. I’ve never been home and I might get to go and stay Friday! So elated! Please pray things work out for me. Pray my second Cath Lab next week goes well and there is no rejection, too. Pray home is where I stay! Also, please pray for me, my family, my donor family and my girl friend down the hall.

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