9/25/18 - Mirror, Mirror


Wow! Check out that guy in the mirror today! What a handsome fella’. I was so entranced, staring at myself. It was a lot of fun. I would move my head and see myself move. I’d pat my legs with my hands and see myself do it in the mirror. It was kool! My mobile was going around and I could see it in the mirror, too. At first, that was confusing, because if I reached for it in the mirror, I couldn’t hit it? I figured it out, after a couple tries, though. I was up in that tumble-form chair again, while I played. After therapy, the therapists left me to play sitting up. I really enjoyed it. Mom popped up behind me in the chair and I saw her in the mirror. It made me smile. We played a while, until I was ready to get out of the chair. Then, I was worn out from therapy and we snuggled. I snuggled in my new blanket from my girl friend from down the hall. She gave me a holey-toe-pokey my favorite kind of blanket. It’s read and blue and perfect for a snooze. So, I curled up for my normal afternoon snuggles with Mommy. Not too much new today. I’m not on Prednisone anymore! It’s such a good thing! I am also weaning off of things like Valium and Methadone. So, hopefully, by the time I go home Friday, I will be on lower doses and it will be less to wean off of at home. Hmm…what else? Tomorrow, I do my car seat trial to see how I do in my car seat and then Thursday, Mom comes to stay over night and hopefully we go home together Friday afternoon! AHH!! I’ve literally been waiting my whole life for this…to go home. That’s a perfect thing to dream about tonight. Thank you for all the gifts, letters, messages, cards and prayers. - Love, Heath.

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