9/26/18 - Two Days

I had a wonderful day. Lots of poopy pants. Ha, I am a baby you know. Here’s the deal though, the care team is working on condensing my feeds. That means that instead of feeding my gut 24/7, like before, I now am getting breaks for several hours. They condense my feeds by increasing the volume I get per feeding time, too. So, I’m up to 48ml/hr and that gives me enough nutrition to take a six hour break from food. It’s really a messed up way to eat, but at least I’ll grow well. They push me pretty hard here sometimes we think, my family and I. I seem to be okay with it though. The longer I am here, the more we realize the hospital is going to run my life a while. Its hard not to think that way. Anyhow…like I said, I had a wonderful day. I was playing on the floor with the movement and dance therapy girl when Mom came in the room. All smiles and flirty. I think I made another girlfriend. Oh yeah. I was all smiles in my crib later, looking at myself in the mirror again, too. I love making myself smile. I don’t know how to giggle yet, but I think it’s coming soon. I also had an EKG and an MRI today to check up on everything. Looked good. I snuggled with Mom later and took my noon nap. Big day tomorrow. Getting all set to go H! I’m so happy! Please keep me in your prayers, that things work out for Friday. Good night? -Heath

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