9/27/18 - One Day

Therapy. Medicine. Therapy. Medicine. Doctor visits…but today, to say “good bye”. Well, more like “see you next week”. That’s how my day has gone. A good day. Normal day for me, other than all of the good byes. We are in a fog, Mom and I. Besides seeing me in a car seat for the first time, it doesn’t feel real yet; tomorrow.


The car seat trial, that the hospital makes me do, went well. I didn’t have any vitals signs get out of wack or anything. The chair was comfy. I’m pretty little still, though. We walked the halls and strolled around for the two hours they had me sit in it (that’s how long it takes to get home). Mom will probably stop half way tomorrow to give me a break, on the way. I can’t even believe we are talking about this stuff. It’s forgein to my family and I. Please pray so hard for me Thur the night. That I stay good. That tomorrow really happens.

I’ve been smiley Heath all day, again. Mom and I played, we snuggled, I napped, went for stroller rides, played some more, read books and now I nap again. I’m dreaming about sitting in the patio door sunshine, watching the doggy’s playing outside. Dreaming about family and the farm. I can’t wait to see it all and meet everyone. It will take some time, once I get home, before I do too much…I’m excited for it all though. It’s going to be perfect. -Heath

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