9/28/18 - HOME

I’m laying on Mom and Dads bed, relaxing with Mommy after a long, wonderful day…a perfect day. Today I went home…


This morning started out like most other days at the hospital. I did lots of therapy and snuggled with Mom. Today though, she packed up all my things in a suitcase and said we got to go home today. The pharmacist and transplant team met with Mom randomly through out the day. They got her updated on my medicines going home and did all my discharge planning. I’ll have in home therapy, in home check ups, drive to Milwaukee checkups, tests and lab draws all the time still…but most of my time will be at home now. We’ve waited seven long months for this day and could hardly believe it was happening all day. Then, Mom put my in the car, in my car seat and down the road we went!


At first, as you can see, I wasn’t quite sure what to think because Mom was crying. Then, I rode all the way home (two hours) without any fuss. I was so cozy and loved the car sounds and movements. Mommmy changed my diaper at a gas station in the car for the first time today. He, he, he. It was a really good trip. I got home to see this sign at the end of the driveway to MY house! I loved it so much! My cousins are little like me and their Mommy and Daddy put it up. My family is so wonderful. I’m excited to meet them all. Lots of firsts coming! I’m so happy to be home! Talk tomorrow. -Heath

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