9/29/18 - One Night, One Day

A night and a day at home, in the books. I’m really doing good I think? I was so happy to be home last night that I wore myself out and ended up sleeping thru the whole night. Mom and Dad got at least six hours of sleep. They said I was a rockstar. And then, this morning came and I was all smiles again. I got my medicines, then Mom and I played. I like to sit up and pat things with my hands, so we grabbed my monster book with the textures and the sea toy with the big buttons. I liked both a lot. It was a great way to start the morning. We tried to stay kind of in our normal day kind of routine…play, snuggle, nap. It was a really good way to go about our first whole day at home. That’s what we did most all day. Mom cleaned some and got life back in order. This was the first day in over seven months that she didn’t have to drive hours in a car to see me. It was a very special and wonderful day. Good night now though. Yawn’ - Heath.

PS. Thank you to everyone whom made it out to my benefit race today ❤️

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