9/3/18 - No Labor Day


Today was No Labor Day for me. I've never had a job. I like to think that my job is to make everyone smile. Mom and Dad would love if that would pay my bills! Ha, ha! Smiles for pennies. Smiles are great though. They do make a person feel good. I smile when I am happy. Sometimes I smile when I am grumpy too because I can't decide how I want to act. I'm a complex guy, what can I say? Anyhoo, I sat up and watch my fishes a long while today. I love it. Mom says no real fishes at home though, so we will have to keep this one powered up with fresh batteries for a long time. Do you see how good I sit up now!? All by myself and my head is no problem to hold up either. I can almost sit up without help from the Boppy too. It's going to take some more time, but I'm doing so good. My friends and family call me a Super-Hero, so i have to make sure I am strong! I'm working on it hard every day! I even worked on some tummy time and practiced lifting my head up, too! I can't really push my arms very hard yet, but I can lift my head off the pillow (or bed) just enough to get my nose up. It's not much, but it's a start. I don't really care much for real tummy time. I prefer the tummy time I get when Mommy holds me up against her and i am more upright. 


I stayed up a while and was all smiles. I like to play. I kick and punch and wiggle around. I can sort of move myself around in my crib just a little by noodling my body back and forth. I can almost turn over now, too. I kick my leg out and get onto my side and then swing it out further so I kind of tip over. Still getting stuck on my top half, though. I'm getting there. All that playing pooped me out. So, we did do that tummy time later on. Mom held me in the big chair and we snuggled. I napped so hard today. I think we were snuggled for a few hours. Too long. Mom's old and her body was numb and needed to move, so I went back to my crib when I wasn't quite woke up. I ended up falling asleep in my Boppy right away. Great day for me! I love to snooze. It's my favorite. I'm a growing boy, you know? Well, i guess that's really it for today. No big updates. Weaning down on some more medicines that I get thru my NJ tube. Seems to be going well. Talk tomorrow guys! Good Night! -Heath

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