9/30/18 - My First Real Bath


I didn’t sleep the best last night, but I woke up happy and had a wonderful day. Mommy propped me up so I could sit up by myself on the couch. I thought that was pretty fun. I had lots of toys to play with and boy did I! I patted my crinkle toy, picked up and dropped toys, looked at books and worked on reaching.


I had my first ever real bath today and for once, I loved getting a a bath. At the hospital, I always had sponge baths where the nurse or Mom would mostly just wipe me down. Today, though, we got out my bath tub and Mom put it on the sink. Then, I layer on a hammock thing and she ran water over my hair and washed it really good. Then, she let the warm water run onto my leg and I put my hand in it. It was neat! I patted my knee and made the water splash. We soaped me up, rinsed me off, lotion on and I was a new little man! It was good. I didn’t even.cry or feel cold.

After my bath, I bundled up in my towel from Grandma and sat up some more. I’m feeling good at home so far. Hope tonight goes well. Night. -Heath

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