9/4/18 - Mr. Growly Pants

I woke up in a fantastic mood today and it lasted most of the day. I was smiley and happy. My nurse bro-dude was here today and we played. It was fun. I did my therapy and ate some banana again, too. This time, when I ate, I actually took some and swallowed it instead of pocketing in my cheek first. It was a big accomplishment! I'm starting to get the hang of eating with a spoon. Mom and Dad joke that someday, when I am big, I will have a great trivia question that only people close to me will know. The trivia will be that I have never had a bottle or nursed. Crazy! Not too many people can say that is a fact about them, now can they? He, he, he. Not that its a good fact, but it's still interesting. Anyhow, here are a few pictures from the day. We didn't take too many today. I was worn out by the afternoon from all the morning fun I had, that I started to turn into Mr. Growly Pants. I sound like a little Bear or a Dinosaur when I am not happy. First I grunt and make faces, then I let my new voice rraawwwrrrr! I'm not a baby whom cries much for real, but I do let known that I want something by throwing a fit. I was snuggling after therapy and decided I wanted to go to my crib and take a nap. So I let Mom know and that's exactly what I did. Nice long evening snooze to finish the daylight. Anyhow, I think we will learn more about my G tube placement tomorrow and I'll fill you in on that. I think Thursday is the day! Hoping it will go well. Hoping it will be the last time in a very, very, very long time, that I will have to go under anestia. Please continue to pray for me, my family, my donor family and my girlfriend down the hall. Good Night. Talk tomorrow. -Heath

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