9/5/18 - Things Are About To Change

I was snuggly today. Mom was here and we visited a long while. Smiles and smooches. That's what we do. Smiles, snuggles and smooches! My favorties! I was in a good mood all day, unlike yesterday. Hey! A man needs to vent once in a while and I have been through a lot! He, he, he. Anyhoo, I was able to get a few therapy sessions in today. First, Speech Therapy came and I ate some Bananas with her and Mom. She is teaching me how to swallow foods and I am starting to make some good improvements. I ate eight spoonfuls of bananas today and swallowed them all down. The best I have ever done! It was wonderful! The girls and I are all very proud. After that, I kind of dozed off some. I was a little sleepy from all the smiles flirting with my therapist. She likes me.

So, I slept a quick cat nap until Occupational therapy came to work with me. Today, we worked on reaching more. I am very good at reaching out with my arms when I'm flat on my back or on my side, but when I am sitting up, I concentrate so hard on sitting that I don't think about reaching for things much. So, we worked on that. I have this toy block that plays music...i like to kick it and make the lights go off. Today, I was learning to reach for it instead. I did pretty good! I learn a little too much forward when I am trying to reach instead of stretching my arms out. I'll have to work on that more as my sitting balance gets better. 


After therapy, Mom held me and we bounced around the room some. I love to watch the vital sign lights on my monitor, so she held me up against her so I could see it. Then, she turned so I could look out the doorway. I love to people watch! Usually, I can glance at people in the halls so they come visit me. Using the cuteness factor to my advantage, you see? Then, I laid in my crib and listened to Mom, my girlfriend and doctors talking. My G Tube procedure was changed to Friday, so I am pretty happy about that. It will be best to have familiar girlfriends working that day, when I think my brodude is on shift this weekend too. I want familiar faces when I am recovering and trying this whole getting fed in my tummy ordeal again. Please pray that my procedurel goes well and that being reintubated for it doesn't hurt my vocal cords. Please pray that I recover well and that i do well with tummy food! It's a BIG deal! Pray, pray, pray! If feeds go well, the talk of the town is the H word could come in as little as two weeks!! So, anyhow, i'll let you know more tomorrow. Good Night! -Heath

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