9/7/18 - Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy

Well, it went well...I am dealing with a lot of soreness/pain from the procedure, but my vitals have been great. The care team hoped I'd be okay with just some Tylenol, but when I woke up this afternoon from the anestisia nap, I was very uncomfortable. I couldn't be soothed and I needed to have Morphine. A few doses of it, unfortunetly. It helped; I was awake and comfortable. 


The procedure to place the percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy didn't take long. Maybe only a half hour. It was very quick. It's a little bit of a rough procedure Mom thought. The surgery team filled my body up with air to open things up, so they could do the work. They used tools thru my belly button; it's very bruised up now. The lady whom worked on me said that my belly button popped out and she had to stitch it back. I will be sore from those things. The tube will not cause me pain, though. We will have to keep it clean and that should really be about all for care of it. Here is what it looks like (above) and here is what I look like (below):


The plastic piece (the white one against my body, holding the tube) is there to keep the tube at a 90* angle coming out of me and not let it kink. Then, at the end of the tube (on the outside of my body) there is a cap. That is how I will get fed. Mom will open the cap and use a syringe to give me milk so I get adequate nutrition until I learn how to eat. They have it uncapped for a while and wrapped up to let any access pressure out from the procedure. I also have a new bruise that Mom is a little uncomfortable about. No one seems to know where it came from (on my right inner thigh). No more face tape or nose tubes! Do you like it?

No more face tape or nose tubes! Do you like it. I was holding Mommy's hand while I woke up. She was humming songs to me and played my mobile music, too. I liked that. It helped me stay relaxed. This is all such a big step for me! My family, friends and I are all so excited and nervous. Please continue to pray for me to do well recovering and that I won't be in much pain. Please pray that the doctor making decisions about starting my G feeds takes his/her time. Please pray that I do well. Pray I can do all of this and go HOME soon. I turned six and a half months old yesterday, today is my 197th day in the hospital, Mom has drove over 35,000 miles to see me every day...it's time to start my life...don't you think? Thank you for the messages and gifts. Thank you for the kindness and prayers. -Heath

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