9/8/18 - G Feeds

Dad came to see me today! It was nice to see him. I was in the Mamaroo chair (we borrow from the hospital) when they came into my room. My Respiratory Therapist was helping me with a PEP treatment. It looked funny (above). I had just had a nice bath and my hair was all wild looking. I looked out of sorts, but I was happy. When I saw Mom, I faked crying so she would pick me up. She said I'm already "that baby"? I wasn't sure what that ment. I like to be held though. She said I can be held any time I want. I've been thru so much and we have missed more than enough snuggle time. So up I went and she swayed side to side while I was up against her watching my numbers on the monitor. I was so happy Mom and Dad were here. There is a lot of change coming up and you all know how I feel about change. So, there's a weird feeling in the room. It's a little scary, a little nerves and a lot happy. The H word is so close!


I started getting fed into my tummy today. "G Feeds", they call it. The milk is in a syringe and a pump runs, pushing it thru my G tube and into my tummy. I am starting at just 5ml/hr. It's a perfect amount to try at. I started feeds late this morning and as of about six thirty tonight, I am still tolerating feeds good! No pukes! 


Other than all of that, I had a wonderful day. Lots of snuggles and I even watched some of the Wisconsin Badgers game with Dad. They won! Mom and Dad did some more training today. they have a lot to learn about, before I go home. So, this weekend and all of this next week, there is training stuff to do. They did CPR and learned more about my G tube cares, today. I have lots of medicines and care stuff that they need to know well, when I do get to go...you know... So, that's what's happening and coming up. 

Here's a bunch of cute pictures from today. I feel so handsome without tape and tubes on my face. Its the first time in my entire life that I haven't had anything on my face! It's SO wonderful!! We are all so thankful. Also, I like to chew on sponges on sticks. I was pretty happy about it today. Ha! Please continue to pray for me, my family and my donor family. I need prayers to help me thru the next few days of trying to be successful with these G Feeds. It would be absolutely Ideal if I could do this. Talk to you more tomorrow! -Heath

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