12/22/18 - Gerber Lids

I’ve been eating pretty good nowadays. I sit up in my high chair with some littler, pick-up toys and play while Mom or Dad helps me eat yummy foods. I’m interested in carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, bananas and peaches right now. I eat them with a spoon, with help, but i still like to make a mess and will let some food slide out of my mouth and onto my face and bib. Then, I like to take my hands and smear it. Mom says I’m a gross, sticky little dude when I eat. I think I’m just funner than her, though. He, he, he! I have recently become very amused and obsessed with the clear lids that go on the plastic Gerber food containers. Mom always lets me take it while I eat and I flick it, slide it around, try to chew on it and it usually ends up thrown on the floor. It’s always fun while it lasts though. -Heath

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