12/24/18 -Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, ever since my Mommy was little like me, we have our Christmas dinner and open gifts. We all went to Grandpa and Grandmas late in the morning. It was snowy outside and cold…just like I imagined Christmas time would be like. We visited with each other and ate yummy food. I got to meet my Aunty Adrienne and my cousins for the first time. They live up north, further than us, and were just itching to come down and see me. Everyone loves Christmas at our farm. For dinner we had mashed potatoes and ham (I licked a piece but I can’t chew that stuff yet…no teeth) and pie and Lefse. Lots of yummy stuff. I took myself a little nap on the living room floor midway thru eating. When I woke up, we started opening gifts! I was so excited about it! Everyone was curious if I would try to open any presents. I did! The wrapping paper was fun and the gifts made me SO happy! I got stuffed animals and tractors and toys that light up! It was a very special Christmas. Special because I’m alive and home and we all could spend the day together. I played with my presents and snuggled with my family and we watch football. The best day! -Heath

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